1/31 | New Teen Focused Dies

Hey Everyone!

We are so excited to finally be about to share this exciting new product with you! Right now we are both out in Anaheim California for the Craft and Hobby Trade Show and demoing at the Sizzix booth! Its so much fun showing people how fun and versatile these teen focus dies that Marisa Pawelko is debuting! They can be used for paper crafts, jewelry, room decor, locker decor, anything your mind can imagine really! Sizzix has been fantastic to us and we’re so blessed to be working with such a great company at CHA. It’s super important to love a company you’re working for and we love the people and products at Sizzix. While we were at the beach today, we wrote in the sand how much we loved them!

Marisa is a super bubbly and fun person with a heart of gold and an eye for design! Here’s her designer video:

Of the whole collection, I think the sunglasses die is my favorite! So today I am going to share a really fun ombre room decor piece that I made with it! I grabbed a few (7) of the same paint swatch from my home improvement store. These are perfect because they have already done the guess work of ombre for you!

For this project, I choose to use the slitted sunglasses. I placed the shade I wanted on top of that shape on the die, and ran it thew my big shot!

When you have die cut all the sunglasses, arrange them on your canvas. For a 12 by 12 canvas you may want to cut some of the sunglasses in half like I did.

Now just adhere them down with some good old Mod Podge and you are ready to rock and roll! You now have some super cool and very trendy wall art for your bedroom! How fun is that!

Hope you enjoyed this project and make sure to pick up some of Marisa’s awesome dies when they hit the stores! If you’re at the CHA Mega Show, make sure to stop by the Sizzix booth and get crafty with us here is the days/times you can find us there!
•Saturday- 10-2
•Sunday- 12-5
•Monday 12-5

We’ll be sure to make a post and share all the awesome stuff we find at CHA! I’m sure its gonna be a blast and don’t want you to miss it. 🙂 Have a great day!

-Tanner & Courtney