1/31 | Studded Photo Frame

Hey Friends,

Hope today is treating you all well! I think you need a little craft in your day though! So how bout I show you a super simple DiY Project with killer results? Sound good? Sounds great to me too! So let’s get started!

Here’s everything you will need to make a trendy studded frame:

First thing’s first. Spray Paint your frame! Krylon ColorMaster spray paint will give your frame a much smoother look, and its supper easy! Just spray, it does all the work for you, even reaching in to those hard to get nooks! I recommend placing the frame in a shipping box to contain the paint and always spay paint in a well ventilated area, aka outside. I gave my frame 2 good coats, and I love the results.

Now let’s embellish! Arrange your studs however looks best to you! I made an L shape in the top right and bottom left corners. Then using the E6000, adhere the studs to the frame. I like to add the adhesive to the larger item, but either way should work.

Then just add a picture, and thats it! I told you it was simple! But I think you still get awesome and almost store-bought results. I just can’t resist adding studs to everything, it might be getting out of hand, but I like them!

Have an awesome and crafty day!