2/28 | 15 Chalkboard Crafts

Chalkboards are huge trends. They’re super fun to incoperate into your decor elements in your home. Today I’m sharing 15 Chalkboard Crafts. You will find ideas from kid crafts, home decor, organizing, and MORE! Come enjoy this and be sure if its your first time here, to connect with us on all our social media! We welcome you 🙂

1. Chalkboard Playset

2. Heart Chalkboard Napkin holder 

3. Chalkboard Clock 

4. DIY Chalkboard Pot 

5. Chalkboard Tray 

6. Chalkboard Wine Bottles 

7. Chalkboard Crate 

8. Chalkboard Herb Markers 

9. Giant Chalkboard

10. Chalkboard Decals 

11. Personalized Match Box Wedding favors 

12. Chalkboard Clipboard

13. File Cabinet Makeover

14. Hotel for Stuffed Animals 

15. DIY Chalkboard Mason Jars