3/31 | Color Changing iPhone Case

*This is a sponsored blog post, All opinions are 100% mine.*

Hey Guys!

Do you believe in magic? I didn’t, UNTILL I discovered this color changing tape from Chameleon Brandz. It’s so cool, I just want to put it on everything! So today, I’m going to add some magic to my phone case.

Here is what you will need to make your own phone case that changes colors:

First thing you will want to do is place a piece of tape that is longer then the phone case on the parchment paper. Then with your scissors cut the tape into thin strips.

Arrange the strips on the phone case as you please. I chose vertical, but horizontal and diagonal would be super cool too!

When you are happy with their placement, peel the tape off of the parchment paper backing and stick them to the case, folding the excess inside as you go. (These pictures really show how the color changes.)

You could stop there and have a super awesome case, but I wanted to add a little something extra. I aded tape to the inside to cover the little opening and then added my flat back rhinestone inside. Just to add a little extra pizazz!

I love my new phone case. One minute it’ll be blue and purple and after scrolling through Instagram for a minute, it turns pink! Too cool for my little brain to comprehend. All my friends want one now too!

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Go get some of this awesome Chameleon Skinz tape and make your self and make yourself a color changing iPhone case!