3/31 | 3 Chalkboard Crafts

Hey Everyone! So if you remember back to a few weeks ago, I done a fun round up of 15 Chalkboard Craft ideas.  It was a fun round up and recommend everyone checking it out. During that week I also went on our local news and shared 3 of my favorite Chalkboard crafts! I wanted to share with you the video and the ideas! Check out the clip below or click right here. (sometimes the video is really small or not even there)

They’re super fun. I love my container that my buttons are in.. Can you spot any Laura Kelly Buttons?! The labels are beyond easy to use. I am a little obsessed with putting them EVERYWHERE. I also made a dog bowl and simple coaster from a piece of tile. I would totally make a set of Chalkboard Coasters for a house warming gift.


I hope you enjoyed these really easy and fun Chalkboard craft ideas! They’re super fun to make and totally recommend you making them. Leave me a comment and tell me you’re favorite and for more Chalkboard crafts, check out the 15 chalkboard craft round up!  Have a fantastic day!