3/31 | Babysitting in a Box

Big thanks to Together Box for sending this box for me to review. Although this post is sponsored by Together Box, all opinions are 100% mine.  

Like a lot of teenagers out there, I am a babysitter. I love baby-sitting my neighbors who are 2, 5, and 7! We all enjoy crafting and playing games together when I am watching them. However, sometimes it is difficult to always come up with different activities to do with them. And that, my friends, is why I love Together Box. Together Box is a subscription service that sends you a “box of fun” each month. Every month the box will contain everything needed for 3-5 activities with a particular theme. We got the Balloon Box to try out.

We started with a lesson in blowing balloons! Here is Keira learning how, she was determined and got it by the end of the night! Jack, the 7 year old also learned how to tie them! Gotta love some good old educational fun!

There were lots of different activities for them to choose from, but they chose to play Balloon Ninjas! After our balloons where blown up, they drew the faces on them with the sharpie that was included in the box.

After I hung  our Ninjas them from the ceiling, we got to playing the game! The littlest girl, invented her own game of whacking the balloons and had fun that way!

While Jack on the other hand, really got into the game! He loved the homemade slingshot (everything we needed to make it was in the box) and shooting mini marshmallows at the Ninja’s mouths! He had great aim and got the majority of them! He was so into it that he wouldn’t even stop for picture, hence the action shot!

But wait! Theres more! We also did the experiment that came in the box and made a Ballon Fountain! This was so much fun! After each time, they would all scream “Again, Again!” I think we did it about 8 times that night!

Together Box was so awesome to send me a box to try, they definitely have a new monthly subscriber! And they didn’t forget about you guys either! Use the code yourday to receive $10 off your first box! How awesome is that! You for sure will not want to miss out on this deal! Go get yours.. right HERE, right now!