3/31 | Fabric Duck Tape Camera Strap #DuckCraftTape

This post brought to you by Duck Brand. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a fantastic day. Today I am sharing a super easy DIY using some of the NEW Fabric Duck Brand® Duck Tape. It’s super fun to use and I love how it feels. With the Duck Brand® Duck Tape possibilites are endless, you can make a necklace, ear rings, put the sheets together and have a large sticky sheet of fabric to DIY with. Let’s get crafty!

You’ll need : Scissors, Duck Brand® Duck Tape, and a camera strap to repurpose!

You first need to lay a sheet of the tape onto the camera strap and fold the ends over. It’s faily easy and if you get a bubble you can pick it up and re-apply it! Isn’t that awesome?

Now I took another design and rolled out enough to over the camera strap, then cut it in half. It was easy and I love the way this looks! Just lay it in the middle of the camera strap. Now you have some awesome colors going on.

You’re now done! All you need to do is go out and show it off. I loved making this, not only did the Duck Brand Craft Tapes make it fun to do this DIY, but make it super easy! I’ll for sure be doing more with it. The Fabric tape is very easy to use and I love how it really does feel like you’re creating with just fabric in some ways.

Be sure to follow Duck Brand® on Twitter, @TheDuckBrand! They have tons of inspirtation they tweet daily! It’s so much fun. I totally recommend you follow them. I hope you enjoyed this DIY project! See you next post.