3/31 | Glam Up Your Brush Holder

Sometimes it’s easier to take an everyday object and give it some “wow”, than go out and buy one already made. I started with a simple mason jar, added a few things I had laying around in my craft stash, and created this super-sparkly brush holder! It’s perfect for any beauty lover who needs a fun way to store their makeup brushes, or for a nail-art junkie (like me) to keep track of all the tiny detail brushes. I was amazed at how incredibly easy it was to “glam-up” this mason jar, it only took me about 30 minutes for the whole project. Feel free to customize your own brush holder to fit your own style -mix fun colors, glitters, shapes, add your own flare to this craft!

Materials needed:

-Mason Jar
-Felt Sheets
-Hot Glue gun
-Filler beads
-Glitter Glue (Tulip Fashion Glue)
-Glitter (Tulip Fashion Glitter)
-Rhinestone trim

Begin with a plain mason jar – you can usually find one of these laying around the house!

Wrap the felt sheet around the jar and cut to size using your scissors. Hot glue the felt onto the mason jar- paying attention to the seam and where the felt meets the base of the jar. Once you rid of any loose felt, you are ready to begin decorating!

Pick out your glitter/glitter glue and what shape you will be creating on the felt. I chose the hot pink fashion glitter, along with a heart shape for my brush holder.

Using your glue (one that works well with fabric), trace the outline of your shape and fill it in with a thin layer of the glue. Less is more with this craft, we want the glitter to lay flat!

Time to add some sparkle – sprinkle your glitter of choice over the wet glue. Dust off the remainder glitter using a small brush, as it will “grip” to the felt more easily. The rest of the glitter can be dusted off once your shape is completely dry.

Pull the brush holder together with a bit of rhinestone trim, I hot glued the decoration to the top of the felt. Add your filler beads into the jar so that your brushes will stand up straight!

No craft is complete without a bit of ribbon, which is why I added this super-adorable polka dot bow to the top of the jar. Hot glue the ribbon if you wish- or you can leave it as is, if you plan on changing out the colors in the future. Place your brushes into the jar and you are all done, a stylish brush holder that is sure to impress anyone!

-Megan from www.razberriez.com