3/31 | Slutty Brownie Recipe

Hey everyone! Today I’m sharing a Slutty Recipe Recipe. A couple of weeks ago I needed something to make for my church dinner one Sunday. Courtney was awesome enough to tell me about this awesome brownie recipe! This is my version. Everyone at church loved these and I totally recommend these, They’re super easy to make! 


What you’ll need :
Brownie Mix
One Package of Oreos
Cookie Dough
PLUS – Normal utensils that are found in the kitchen!

First thing you’ll want want to do is spray pam into a 9×13 pan. After this, Start laying out your cookie. I did mine fairly thin. I sprayed pam on my hands to help work with the cookie. Second you want to start crunching your Oreos up. (This is optional) You can use full cookies!

You now need to put your Oreo’s into the cookie. At this part, I was worried that my pan wouldn’t be tall enough to hold the cookie, Oreo, and brownie.

You need to follow the directions on your brownie mix and then pour it into your 9×13 pan! Lastly, put your Slutty Brownies into the oven at 350 and start the timer at 20 minutes. I would check on them a little bit before and it will probably take a little bit more then 20 minutes, I believe mine was around 25 minutes.


Let these cool and enjoy! They’re SO good and taste very different then regular brownies, but I like that you can switch it up every once and awhile for something different. I hope you enjoyed this Slutty Brownie Recipe. Let me know what you want me to cook up next!