4/30 | Why I love Gardening! #GroSomethingGreater

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I don’t really blog about it often, so I don’t know if you all know or not, but I love gardening! My grandpa has a garden on some of our property each season and he grows some of the yummiest veggies. Ever since I could remember my grandpa has done this. I now get to assist him in deciding what to plant and help him do it! Some of our favorite things each year is watermelon, they’re my favorite! We’ve always had good luck with watermelon.

We’ve not only grew awesome vegetables to eat, but we grow by our garden because it brings my family together and we all grow closer and stronger working as a team. I’ll always be thankful for my grandpa and gardening because with that it’s gave us something to do to grow together and have bonding time that will last a life time!

Below is a picture of some other things we’ve grew :

My grandpa and I wouldn’t be able to grow all these vegetables without the help of Miracle-Gro It helps my grandpa be able to do what he enjoys and be able to get the top of the line vegetables. I’m glad we use Miracle-gro and trust it year after year.

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