4/30 | Craft Room Tour

Hey everyone! This post is part of a group of awesome bloggers sharing everyones craft studios! For more information please visit Angie’s blog. 🙂 The link goes to day 3!

Anyway, lets get on with my Craft Room Tour! This room tour is probably super different than anyone else’s, but I thought I’d still be fun to share. So, you could connect with me and see how I work. It’s a lot of fun and I know you will enjoy this video.

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I hope you didn’t get sick watching. It was fun just to show you around and as you can see, it needs some organization. But, It’s what works for me! I hope you took something away from it. If you enjoyed, be sure to check out everyone’s craft room by checking out Angie’s blog! I want to say it was a honor being part of this awesome group of bloggers. I had a blast!