4/30 | Sailor Knot Bracelet

Happy Friday Everyone! Are you loving the warmer Spring weather, like I have been? It’s awesome! And today I have an awesome tutorial showing you how to make a Sailor Knot Bracelet. You have probably seen them in stores, on Pinterest, magazines, they are supper popular. I know it may look intimidating, but after a few tries you will have it down, I promise you!

Sailor Knot Bracelet

Materials needed:

So here is what you will need to make your own:

  • 4 pieces of white cord cut to 12-14 inches
  • Metal Fold-over Clasps
  • Flat-nose Pliers

Step by Step Tutorial:


1: Create a fish shape out of one of the first pieces of cord.  The top end of the tail should overlap the bottom of the tail.

2: Weave the second stand under the top of the body, over the top of the tail, under the bottom of the tail.
3: Now weave it over the body of the fish shape and end by weaving it under the beginning of that same strand (the 2nd).
4: Take the third piece of cord and trace the path of the first stand. Do the same with the third piece and trace the path of the second with it.
5: Pull the four sets of ends and pull tightly and evenly. This is really when you see it come to life!

Measure to fit and cut to size:

6: Measuring against your wrist, cut the excess cord off.

7: Place the 4 stands on each end into the fold-over clasp and close with the flat-nose pliers.

Whalaa! You now have an awesome DiY Sailor Knot Bracelet that is PERFECT for summer! It is really the perfect little accessory. Its so basic you can wear it with anything and everything. I think the next one I make, I am going to dye! Since the cord I used was 100% cotton, it is the perfect dyeing material! If you make one of your own, I would love to see it! Post a picture of it to our Facebook page!