4/30 | DIY Duck Tape Couch

Today I’m sharing a DIY that you might not be able to believe, I’m DiYing my couch with Duck Tape. When we moved into our house back in 2008, we purchased this couch from Big Lots. It’s actually been one of my favorite couches and my mom LOVES to sleep on it. Hints why it has had so much wear and tear. We’ve been thinking about getting a new couch for awhile, but really didn’t want to buy a new one because of the cost. One night my mom was watching TV and saw a commercial for Duck Brand and they had a DIY chair that had been redone. We decided to try it! Let me show you how we done it.

First here is Three Before pictures

It really hurt sitting on it and would for sure hurt when you tried to lay down. So- we were ready to try ANYTHING. We went to Wal-Mart and bough 6 rolls of DuckTape. It was able to cover this couch and our love seat. (Where you put your back doesn’t need it… Yet)

You really just need the tape! Thankfully we have a simple black couch and they worked perfect together. Note : We done this to our couches in November and they’re still AMAZING!
What you need to do is start going crazy duck taping. I would make sure there isn’t any bubbles and its very even. Make sure there isn’t anyway your skin and the sticky part of the tape can touch. That is one of the best tips! I didn’t take any pictures while I applied the tape, just because its so easy! What I love about the finished product is that feels like a brand new couch! It’s very stiff and comfy. I was actually shocked at how nice it was. I mean I only spent around $40 dollars on the whole project! Here’s the finished picture :

I hope you enjoyed this simple fun DIY that is totally a home improvement. When you look at it far away, it doesn’t even look like a DIY Duck Tape couch! How awesome is that?! Sorry for the not so nice pictures- I was just having fun as I went. I hope you enjoyed and I would love for you to pin this project.