4/30 | Spring Decorating is easy!

This post brought to you by Dollar General. All opinions are 100% mine.

It’s spring time! I’m so excited and happy. Warm weather is here and you know what that means, it’s ALMOST summer. Yay. We’re getting our outdoor space ready for spring with the help of Dollar General today. Below you can see everything I picked up, it was a lot of fun looking for everything! I’m really loving the stones and sure they’ll be super fun. I think I might even use the Solar Latterns for my room too, they’re probably my favorite.

I love Lily’s and I found everything I needed to grow one at Dollar General. It will be so fun watching the Lily grow and watering it. I can’t wait to see it bloom into the summer months. 🙂

It was so easy to plant my Lily and I can’t wait til it comes up, I’m going to be so excited for it. Another thing I found at Dollar General was Paper Latterns. I love them and they’re solar powered. Do you see the Lily’s hanging by the paper Laterns?

Another one of my favorite things to get a Dollar General is different items to place into the flower beds. They have such a great selection. I love this Welcome butterfly in the picture below! It screams “Spring!”

All these items were so awesome and I’m glad I got them at Dollar General. I encourage you to go check out what they have at your local Dollar General. It rocks. Check out the Lawn and Garden part of Dollar General. How are you all getting ready for spring? Leave a comment and let me know. Be sure to Like Dollar General on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. I love seeing all the weekly deals, inspiration, and fun stuff they share daily! Thanks for checking out todays post. Have a great day.