4/30 | 10 Gardening Tips #GroSomethingGreater

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Hey everyone, I hope you all are having a great day today. I’m going to be sharing 10 Gardening Tips today for your garden. For the past few years, I’ve been working with my family and having a garden above our property. It’s so much fun growing something more then just plants. We’ve been growing family time, laughts, and knowledge working together on our garden.

So let’s get started with the gardening tips- I’m so excited to share some of our favorites with you guys!

1. If you want to go with the economic route and save money with your garden buy seeds instead of plants. You will have to plant them two weeks earlier, but it will save you quite a bit of money.

2. When your cauliflower is growing and you first see white appearing you want to use large bobby pins and pin them together to save them from getting sun burnt.

3. When planting potatoes make sure you have a eye or a sprout on each piece of potato you plant or you won’t have anything come up.

4. When wanting to make straight rows in a vegetable garden use two stakes and string to create a straight row. Tie the string to each stake and place on each end of the garden. Here’s a picture to better understand :

5. Anytime after Good Friday is normally a fantastic time to plant vegetables, normally frost is gone.

6. I’ve found that having my rows 3 feet apart is best when gardening, so my vegetables aren’t too close together.

7. Getting your garden water each week is important. If it hasn’t rained for awhile, its always nice to give your garden a nice drink of water. But, be careful and don’t over water.

8. NEVER put your sweet potatoes, watermelon, or pumpkins close together. They all grow like wild fire and be left with vines going everywhere and run into each others row.

9. When you’re looking for you where to put your garden make sure it doesn’t have many rocks, the soil isn’t hard, and it’s somewhere where water will stand.

10. When trying to get corn to stay up as it grows you want to put quite a bit of dirt around the bottom of each stalk.

Do you have any gardening stories you’d like to share? Head over to the Gro Something Greater site and share your favorite gardening stories! Also- Do you have any gardening tips you’d like to add? I’d love to hear them, leave me a comment below and tell me your favorite Gardening tips.
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