5/31 | Food Art Fun for Kids

Soon your kids will be home for lunch and the plain pbj for lunch might not fly anymore. They’ll get bored of eating it and you’ll get bored of making it everyday. So why noy mix it up every once and a while? This post is all about food art fun for kids! I remember my uncle would always make funny faces or flowers out of our dinner when I ate over there! We all loved it, I can still hear all of our squeaky little giggles! It was so much fun! Here are 14 different examples of food art fun from animals to cartoon characters:

Any Kid Will Love Eating (But Mostly Playing With) This Rainbow Pasta!
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”ZvJQFPPY” upload-date=”2017-08-18T11:34:09.000Z” name=”Rainbow Alfredo” description=”Rainbow Alfredo”]

1. Jellyfish Sandwich

2. Caterpillar Snack

3. Veggie Tree Swing

4. Hot Air Balloon Lunch

5. Hard Boiled Egg Chicks

6. Hot Dog Heart

7. Kitten Chili

8. Fruity Fish

9. Snack Bag Butterflies

10. Ice Cream Cone Grilled Cheese

11. Angry Bird Cheese Snack

12. Kermit the Frog Apple Snack

12. Cheese and Fruit Flower

13. Miss Piggy Dinner 

14. Chocolate Pear Penguin