5/31 | DIYs for Dogs

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Hey Everyone!
I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I am so glad you are here today, especially if you are a doggy lover. In today’s post I am sharing a challenge that I’m starting with my fluffy friend, Cloe, as well as 2 DIYs for dogs! Ya ready? I know you are cause these DIY projects are super easy and you won’t want to miss the challenge (there maybe a coupon involved too)!

You’re probably wondering about the challenge I was speaking of. That would be the Purina One 28 Day Challenge! This picture taken after we got back from purchasing the Purina One food really shows how crazy in love Cloe is with it now that we have switched. By simple switching your dog’s food to Purina One a lot can improve including digestibility, eating habits, their energy level, dental hygiene (if dogs even have any), their furry coats, and even the brightness of their eyes! Isn’t it insane that such a simple change can make such a difference?

Now DIY time baby! The first thing I made for Cloe was a chalkboard dog bowl! The chalkboard trend has been super popular lately and I am a true fan of it! For this simple DIY you will need 2 things: a not so fab dog bowl, and a can of Chalkboard spray paint. Oh and a piece of chalk!

Can you guess what I did? Yup! You you got it! All you have to do is spray the bowl with 2-3 coats of the spray paint and WHALAH! You now how a super fab chalkboard food bowl! Perfect to serve your fluffy friend their new favorite Purina One in! The outer rim popped out on the one I had, making it even easier.

Another of my favorite current trends are studs! So I thought I would include them in my Doggy DIYs as well. For this one you will need a plain black collar and about 6 studs (from the craft store).

Darn it! Did you guess it again?! For this DIY all you have to do is push the studs in where you want them and fold over the prongs to secure it.

Then you’ll have one rockin’ doggie! Cloe loves her new collar!

She loves her new Purina One food too! And she told me that your dog will as well. Come join us in the 28 Day Challenge and see what improvements you’ll see in your fluffy friend! Guess what! It is your lucky day! I have a coupon for you! You can save 3 dollars on a bad of Purina One dog food with this COUPON!

Till next time,