6/30 | DIY Wine Cork Letters PLUS GIVEAWAY!

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Hey everyone! Remember a few days ago I shared with you Tie Dye Canvases? Well, I’m back again using some awesome Arrow Fastener products! I love working with their products because they’re such high quality. Arrow Fastener is known for the awesome quality from staple guns, but they have just as awesome glue guns! That’s what we’re showcasing today. 🙂 Let’s get started.

What you need : Printed letter of your choice to trace, Cork, and Arrow Fastener Glue Gun. Got all your products to create this? Well what are we waiting for, let’s get crafty!

1. You want to align your cork up onto your printed letter of your choice. See what looks best and after you’ve got them all looking good, you’ll be ready for the next step.

2. Start gluing your cork together! Hot glue is perfect for practically everything. I don’t know anything that it isn’t good for really. I love using Hot Glue specially for this DIY because of how fast it dries and how quick you can create these.

You’re going to want to continue step 2 over and over until you have cork glued around all the traced letter. Above is it just about done.

I hope you guys enjoyed how easy it was to create these wine cork letters! These are a perfect recycling craft, I received these wine corks from a family friend who collects them for me! I can’t wait for another wine cork project. The possibilities are endless with wine cork and a Arrow Fastener hot glue gun.  To enter to win a rockin’ special box from Arrow Fastener enter the giveaway below :a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Thank you guys for checking out todays DIY project and be sure check out my other Arrow Fastener project making DIY Tie Dye Canvases.