6/30 | Salad Spinner Art

Hey everyone and Happy Friday! Are you looking for a way to kill summer boredom? If so, today’s post is just for you. I know that it has become kind of a cliché now to say this activity will entertain your kids for hours., but it is actually true to say that about Salad Spinner art! It is a blast for kids of all ages- I have done this with the 3 year old I babysit and she LOVED it, but so did the 7 year old boy that I watch. Even I had fun doing this, and I bet you will too!

Here is what you will need:

a salad spinner
white card-stock
duct tape
Scribbles 3D Paint Pens 

Step 1: Cut your card-stock into a circle so that it will fit into the bottom of the salad spinner. If you are doing this with little kids, you will want to assist with this part.

Step 2: Use the duct tape to keep the card stock in place during the spinning process.

Step 3:  Go crazy squirting paints all over! It actually looks cool before you even start spinning! I have found that the result have come out much cooler if you add the 3D paint in lines rather than just blobs.

Step 4: Spin it, spin it real good! This is definitely the kiddos favorite part! It is where all the magic happens!

Once you think you have done enough spinning, open her up and reveal your creation! Look how cool it looks! If you aren’t happy with the results after the first time around you can add more paint on top and give it another spin! I love seeing the color combination that the kiddos come up with!