7/31 | Tie Dyeing during VBS!

Hey everyone! How are you doing? I’m sitting by the pool in Chicago, what a better place to blog? I love it! This past week we had so much fun during Vacation Bible School at my church. I enjoy my church so much, it’s not a super big church and that makes me love it even more! As VBS was approaching, I just knew there was something crafty we could do with everyone during the week. Everyone knows how much I love Tulip One Step Dye and I thought everyone else would too! (I was so right) I shared the idea with the director and he said he thought it’d be a great idea. Since I have a wonderful relationship with Ilovetocreate, I asked if they could sponsor the events tie dye needs and they said YES! Below is the box they sent-

They even sent us SHIRTS and TONS of them. I just couldn’t believe how awesome this was. To have a Tie Dye party you for sure need the Tulip Tie Dye Kits! They give you everything practically, Dye, bottles, gloves, rubber bands, and instructions! I also recommend having gallon sized plastic bags to put your shirt in to set overnight.
We started with the teen class and went over how to tie dye with them. As I was explaining how to tie dye to them, I had my buddies Joseph and David fill the bottles up with water and shake. Everyone in class picked a tie dye pattern and got it ready to dye! We then went outside in the grass and started dyeing. As they finished adding color, I would open a bag and place the dye project in it.
I really wish I had finished pictures to share, but I totally forgot to take them on the last night when everyone wore theirs. But believe me, they were ROCKING! I was able to get a selfie with some of my friends on the last night of VBS! My little cousin Ryder as you can see in the picture below, is still working on his Tanner Face!
I hope you guys enjoyed today’s montage video! To see all the pictures from tie dyeing check it out here :

Talk soon!