7/31 | 20 DIY Closet Solutions

20_DIY_Closet_SolutionsHey, everyone! Happy Tuesday, today I wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite ideas for 20 DIY Closet Solutions. You’re for sure going to find a few ideas that you’ll be able to incorporate into your closet and help you stay organized. If you’re like me, your closet is for sure not organized, and now is a great time to change that. This list is full of ideas for more space for your clothes, ideas to organize your foot wear, and unique DIY storage ideas you would never have thought about. Let me know some of your favorite ideas in the comments!

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BONUS! Check Out These Awesome Storage Solutions To Help Organize Your Life!

1. DIY Hat Hanger
2. Hanging Baskets
3. Organization Guide
4. For Small Closets
5. Girly Closet
6. S hooks and Baskets
7. No-Slip Hangers
8. Built In Laundry Sorter 
9. Letter Sorter Flip Flop Storage 

10. Twice the Space
11. Days of the Week
12. Tank Top Hanger
13. DIY Baby Girl Closet
14. Hanging Boots
15. DIY Coat Closet
16. Craft Closet
17. DIY Shelves
18. His and Her’s Closet

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19. Cork Board Storage
20. DIY Bra Storage

DID you love these DIY organization projects to make your home just a little more structured?! They’re super fun ideas that can take your organization to the next level. If you liked these share them with your friends to help them out and leave us a comment telling us your favorite solution! I personally loved #6!

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40 thoughts on “20 DIY Closet Solutions”

  1. Hi Love the 20 closet organizing tips! Will rush to copy at least 4 ideas. Great job on your website or is it a blog? Either way keep up the great work! So impressed, you have new clear ideas.

        1. I did not even notice the ads because I was too busy looking at all your clever ideas! I had to go back to find them. Don’t worry about it.

          1. I’m with Janie and Lauren. Grateful for your tips, don’t sweat complaints about too many ads.

          2. Goodness gracious, lady…I’m with the other folks. I saw the ads, but enjoyed the post so much that I wasn’t concerned.

  2. Can you tell me where to get the letter sorters for the flip flop storage? Or was this a project that there is a DIY tutroial for?

  3. Courtney, I love your closet organization ideas. As soon as I read about the no-slip hangers and doubling your closet space with can drink pulls I went to work on my bulging closet! Thanks so much for the tips! I’m a fan!!!

  4. I’m trying to open the diy bra storage link and it only opens up to an ad. Can you send me the link in email? Very clever ideas you have.

  5. I loved the baseball cap storage idea! I went right to the closet and made one!! Thanks for all your great ideas!

  6. The hat organizer,boot hangers and soda can clips for doubling hanger use are great. Just what I was looking for, thanks!

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