8/31 | DIY Kermit Tumbler

*This post is sponsored by Disney. All opinions are 100% mine.*

Muppet Fans- Today’s post you’re going to love. If you’re not aware, The Muppets are BACK! The new movie, “Muppets Most Wanted” is coming out on August 12th. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but I think any Muppet loving family will adore this one! You will be able to have so much fun watching this with the entire family, all your favorite characters are here. Are you ready to start this DIY? You and your kids are going to love making these. Everyone will be able to have a Kermit tumbler or whichever character is their favorite. Here’s your supplies :
Scissors, Tumbler, Card stock in variety of colors, Pencil, and glue!

To get started, you need to make a template of your tumbler cup. I used the one that was in my Tumbler. You can also just measure the cup.

Take a pair of scissors and cut it out. Be sure a parent does all cutting. We don’t want a small child to get cut.
I looked at some pictures of Kermit online and just drew them onto card stock. You’re also welcome to print a Kermit out and trace. Whichever is easiest. Trace all shapes onto different color sheets of card stock. After they’re all cut out, you want to glue your Kermit onto your tumbler paper. Glue all cut images with some simple school glue.
Let that dry and just slip it in the tumbler. Enjoy this Kermit Tumbler. This DIY is so much easier then going to the story and buying a Muppets Tumbler- and a whole lot cooler.

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