8/31 | School Themed Cupcakes

*This post is sponsored by Clearsnap Inc. All opinions are 100% mine. 

So your best friend, older sister, cousin, boyfriend, neighbor, ext. is going off to college and you need to give them a gift. Make them an extra special handmade gift that they can eat too! These school themed cupcakes are the perfect gift! So simple to make and they are bound to get them excited about their school. These would also be great for tailgates or college football parties!
Here is what you will need to make them:

Step 1: Punch out circles for the toppers from the white card stock. You will need 2 for each topper.

Step 2: Stamp the Alabama logo stamps onto the circles that you punched out in step 1 using the Alabama dye inkpad. Try your best to center the design. Incase you mess up, remember there are 2 sides!

Step 3: To assemble the toppers you will want to place a piece of dimensional adhesive on the back of a stamped circle. On top of the adhesive put your tooth pick. Finish by placing a second stamped circle on top of that.

Here are the cupcake toppers! Pretty cute! Now lets make the wrappers!

Step 4: Taking your Self-Inking Stamp Kit, roll it across the cupcake wrapper that you printed and cut out. Follow the curve with the stamp instead of just rolling straight across.

These decked out cupcakes are going to be the perfect going away gift for a friend, welcome to school gift for roommates, and a fantastic treat for all of your football game tailgates! I made red velvet cupcakes because they went well with the Alabama colors, but by adding just a little bit of food dye to a the batter you can make them in your school color, whatever that may be. TIP if you don’t have the right color sprinkles- sacrifice one cupcake from the batch by crumpling it up and sprinkling the crumbs on top of the icing! It looks very professional!  Check HERE to see if Clearsnap carries products for your favorite schools- they are always adding more if you don’t see yours yet!