8/31 | 100+ Super Awesome Crafts for Teens

Hey everyone! Tanner Bell here, today I’m sharing 100+ Super Awesome DIY Teen Crafts. You’re going to love all these Crafts for Teens. It’s back to school season and I know you’ll love any of these DIYs to do. You’ll be able to create Teen Fashion Projects, Teen Room Decor, Teen Recycled Projects, and Back To School Projects! You’ll want to bookmark this page to come back to. Enjoy!

Check Out These 11 Tumblr Crafts For Teens Too!
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”J3rOV08M” upload-date=”2016-11-10T16:29:02.000Z” name=”11 Tumblr DIY Crafts” description=”Join Tanner Bell, as he shares 11 Tumblr DIY Crafts. You won’t believe how easy these Tumblr Crafts are. If you are looking for some Tumblr Room Decor ideas enjoy this video.”]

Teen Fashion Projects

Teenagers are always looking for DIY Fashion Projects to create. We’re always wanting to stay trendy with the newest trends, whether it’s DIY Lace Shorts, Easy Fringe Shorts, Studded Phone case, the possibilities are endless. Buying all of these things at a store could be quiet expensive. Luckily you can find all your DIY Fashion Crafts right here! Enjoy.

  1.  Easiest Fabric Belt for Teens
  2. Falling Star Earrings 
  3. Simplest Wire Headband 
  4. Super Trendy Neon Studded Phone Case 
  5. DIY Fringe Shorts 
  6. Fabric Wrapped Bangles 
  7. Your favorite DIY shirt 
  8. Fantastic Wrapped Bangles
  9. DIY Magic Bracelet 
  10. The Easiest DIY Jewelry Ever! 
  11. Super Trendy Monogram tote 
  12. Nautical Rope DIY Jewelry 
  13. Perfect look for any concert! 
  14. Quote Tote bag 
  15. Color Changing Phone Case 
  16. Unbelievably easy Infinity scarf 
  17. Colorful and studded pants! 
  18. Glittered up phone case
  19. Fun and Easy Bracelets 
  20. Galaxy Painted Shoes 
  21. Candy Wrapper Headband 
  22. 12 DIY Clothing Remixes 
  23. Simple laced Shorts 
  24. Manly DIY bracelet 
  25. Really Simple Washer necklace 
  26. Fun Cuff Bracelet 
  27. Faux Beaded Sneakers 
  28. Dip Dyed Tote 
  29. Super Simple T-Shirt Scarfs

Teen Room Decor ideas

If you’re like me, you or your teen wants to change up their room quiet frequently. I love DIY because you’re able to change it up quiet often. I love making DIY Quote Art, Custom DIY Pillows, and Easy DIY frames, that I can make and change out year round! You’ll only spend a little money and have a masterpiece at the end.

  1. Simple Chalkboard Clock 
  2. DIY Instagram Calendar 
  3. Revamp a lamp with Washi Tape! 
  4. String Art Decor 
  5. Awesome T-Shirt Canvases 
  6. Quote Art Canvas 
  7. DIY Straw Lamp 
  8. Mosaic DIY Frame 
  9. Baseball Wall Art 
  10. Thumbtack Heart Canvas 
  11. Fun Cloud Pillow 
  12. Instagram Cubes! 
  13. 25 Teenage Girl Room Decor ideas 
  14. Easy $5 Lamp 
  15. String Art Frame 
  16. Geometric Heart Pillow 
  17. Easy Concrete Stool 
  18. Hula Hoop Wall Decor 
  19. Studded Photo Frame 
  20. Chevron Tissue Holder 
  21. 20 Teenage Boy Room Decor Ideas 
  22. 25 Teenage Girl Room Decor Ideas 
  23. 18 Dorm Decor ideas 
  24. Earring Display DIY 
  25. Simple Close pin Decor 
  26. Decoupaged Canvases 
  27. Say Cheese Instagram Coasters 
  28. DIY Flip Flop Wreath 
  29. Easy Wall Art 
  30. The Fault In our Stars Inspired Pillow 

Teen Recycled Crafts

Recycling is so much fun. It’s like a game sometimes. I love to try to take trash and turn it into an awesome DIY Teen Craft. Boxes are one of my favorites and I use them to make so many crafts.

  1. Popsicle Bracelet 
  2. 11 Soda Can Crafts 
  3. Re use old pants for beads! 
  4. Cleanup Method for tie dye messes 
  5. DIY lampshade 
  6. DIY Wine Cork letters 
  7. DIY Magazine Holder 
  8. DIY Charging Station
  9. iPad Box to Memory Box 
  10. Cork Screw Pendants 
  11. Paint Chip Calendar 

Teen School Crafts

School is always been a love/hate relationship for me. I love being with my friends, but sometimes you just don’t like the work. I’ve always made the best out of it and of course incorporated some DIY projects! You’re going to love all these DIY Teen Back To School Crafts.

  1. Bookmark Journal Wraps 
  2. Locker Revamp 
  3. DIY Pencil Box 
  4. Easy Chalkboard Notebook 
  5. 14 Back To School Crafts 
  6. Easy iPad Sleeve! 
  7. Duct Tape School Supplies 
  8. DIY Memo Board 
  9. Easy AND simple Lanyard 
  10. Easy Laptop case DIY 
  11. Custom Cork Boards!