8/31 | 14 Craft For When You Are Bored

I know each and every one of you has been bored at some point or another and I am sure you will be again. Instead of sitting in front of the TV mindlessly, why not get a little creative and make one of these simple crafts? Creativity can cure some of the worst cases of boredom! With all the crafts on the internet and even just our website, there is no reason for anyone to ever be bored again. So here are just 14 crafts for when you are bored, you’re sure to love them! This list is full of great ideas to help you get creative and make practical projects that you can use for a long while. Check them out!

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1. Noodle Bead Stacking Bangles
2. Fingerless gloves from Socks 
3. DIY Bubbly Lava Lamp 
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4. Recycled Magazine Bowl

5. Color Changing iPhone Case 
6. Painted Woo Bead Necklace 

7. DIY Fabric Coasters
8. Tie Dye Nails
9. Water Bottle Bracelet 
10. Custom Light Switch Plate 
11. Fabric Wrapped Bangles
12. Chia Pet Mugs 
13. Glitter Cuff 
14. Button Bookmarks

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8 thoughts on “14 Craft For When You Are Bored”

  1. I just found your site thanks to a video you did on Dollar Store Crafts. I’m a youth services librarian, and I’m always looking for fun crafts to do with teens and tweens. You guys are full of great ideas!

  2. please make a diy teddy bear with no stitching. I have a little sister about to be born and I want to make something for her. and can I have a shoutout please.

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