9/30 | DIY Pizza Box Room Decor

Eatnow.com.au have commissioned a reuse project for us to show you guys how to recycle and re-use pizza delivery boxes.  

Hey everyone! You’re going to love today’s super fun DIY project. You won’t believe how simple it is to turn free pizza boxes into super fun room decor! I picked up these boxes from one of my favorite pizza places I order pizza from frequently. Have you ever tried crafting with Pizza Boxes? You wouldn’t believe the possibilities. Leave a comment with your idea! Let’s get started :

Supplies : Pizza Boxes | Pack of Card Stock | Scissors | Spray Adhesive | Spray Paint
Gathered your supplies? Let’s get our DiY on.

Step 1: Spray Paint your pizza boxes. You can spray paint them whatever you want, but I picked this nice blue since it went well with the pack of paper.

If you’re going to make more then one, why not spray paint one a coordinating color? It really gives it a great look. I decided for that to be a nice white.

Step 2 : Fold your card stock to fit your box and take a pair of scissors and cut the excess off.

Step 3 : Turn your card stock to the back and give a medium layer of spray adhesive to the back of the card stock and apply it onto the box.

It’s really that easy! Wasn’t that awesome? I think this would make fantastic door decor. It’ something that is super in expensive and really any to create. If you have any pizza box crafts that you’d like to share- let us know! We’d love to check them out. Have a great day!