9/30 | DIY Halloween Costumes for Teens

Hey everyone, what’s is going on? I’ve got started trying finding my DIY Costume this year, and thought maybe you needed a little help too! Heare are 16 DIY Halloween Costumes for Teens. These are some of the most popular costumes that you’re going to see this year. DIY Halloween Costumes are great to make, especially since they’re normally so expensive. I highly recommend everyone DIYing a costume instead of buying one. I hope you enjoy these Halloween Costumes for Teens.

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[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”aBDK4VCc” upload-date=”2016-09-07T16:29:05.000Z” name=”Pinata Costume DIY” description=”Halloween is right apon us and who doesn’t need a fun and easy DIY Halloween costume.”]


1. DIY Ice Bucket Costume

2. DIY Slender Man Costume

3.How-To SHARKNADO Halloween Costume!!

4. Miley Cyrus DIY Costume

5.DIY Despicable Me Minion Costume + Makeup!

6.Nicki Minaj Makeup and Costume tutorial

7. Katy Perry DIY Costume

8. DIY Frozen Costume

9. DIY Fault in Our Stars Costume

10. DIY Zombie Pageant Girl Costume Hair, Makeup, & DIY Costume!

11.Social Media Costume 

12.Starbucks Costume 

13. Vampire Queen Costume 

14. Birthday Cake Costume 

15. DIY Spiderweb Costume 

16. Ninja Turtle Costume 

I hope you’ve enjoyed these DIY Halloween Costumes for Teen, and got inspired to make your own this year! They’re not as hard as you might think to make, and one thing I love about DIYing your own costume is that no one has the same one, yours is totally original. Plus, it saves so much money from expensive and cheaply made costumes you find at the store.