9/30 | Dog Toy turned Home Decor

You will never guess what I repurposed to make this decoration… if you guess a dog toy, major brownie points to you my friend! I was just strolling threw the dog toy isle at the pet store one day and was admiring the shape of this particular toy. I thought it was really intricate and modern. I thought that I could make something cool out of it, so I bought it!

The only 2 things you will need to make this awesome modern decoration for you home is the dog toy and some gold Krylon spray paint.

Go outside, and spray away! Start by spraying the top half and make sure to get in between and spray the inside. We don’t want any red to show, cause then people might not believe it is pure gold. And we can’t have that! Once the top half has dried, flip it over and spray the other side.

And that is it my friends! Bye bye dog toy and Hello fabulous! Such a fun transformation and an awesome $5 decoration for you desk, or shelf, or mantel! They also sell these toys in various sizes. I think a group of them in all different sizes would be so cool! Don’t you?