10/31 | Personalized College Picture Frame

*This post is sponsored by Clearsnap Inc. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey Everyone! College Football season is happening now and it’s huge! College pride is at an all level high too! This Personalized College Picture Frame is the perfect way for college students to show their college pride in the dorm. Or even for college grads!

Here is what you will need for this simple project:

Wooden Square Frame
Tan Acrylic Paint (or your School color)
Foam Brush
University of Washinton Dye Inkpad from Clearsnap
University of Washington Stamp Set from Clearsnap

Step 1: Paint your frame. I would definitely recommend painting this the lights school color so that your stamps can POP! You’ll need around 2 coats, but its your choice.

Step 2: Stamp, Stamp, Stamp! Cover the surface of the frame with your school’s logo! Make sure to apply even pressure to the stamp to get a good result.

Step 3: Print out a picture of you and your friends having a good time on campus! This could be from a football game or you’re favorite hang out spot.

It really is that simple, but a great way to show your school spirt all year long. Make you’re one of a kind college picture frame Today! Check HERE to see if Clearsnap carries products for your favorite schools- they are always adding more if you don’t see yours yet!