10/31 | Television + Crafts For Kids

Hey Everyone! I have something really fun and exciting to share with you all today, especially for mom with young kids.  Out of the Blue Enterprises has produced an all around great show for our little ones called Creative Galaxy. It is available to stream on Amazon Prime Instant Video, like we needed yet another reason to love amazon! The kids I babysit really enjoyed the episode’s we’ve watched together so far and each time I go over, they ask to watch more Arty.

This basis of Creative Galaxy is so different than any other show I have seen before.  The main character is Arty, who travels around to different planets solving  different problems in the Galaxy with his art and crafts! Its a fast paced show that teaches kids various ways to problem solve and express their creativity while entertaining them at the same time. Once you start watching, it will probably become your’s and your kid’s favorite show.

At the end of every episode, there is a clip showing how to create the same projects at home that Arty created out in the galaxy. Inspired By Episode One, Keira wanted to create her own art using the pointillism (pictures made up of lots of little dots) technique. I love how Creative Galaxy introduces techniques like this in a fun exciting way that sparks their imagination!

Isn’t Keira’s pointillism picture great? The only supplies you’ll need to make your own pointillism picture at your house is paper and markers which I am sure you already have!  We are excited to watch the rest of the animated series on Amazon Prime Instant Video and discover new craft projects!

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.