11/30 | DIY Youth Group T-Shirts

**Huge thanks goes out to ilovetocreate for their generosity in sponsoring this event!**

Having T Shirts shirts is what really makes a group official! Last summer, my church started a youth group and it has been awesome! I love getting together with all of teens from the parish and talking about God, playing games, and having fun!  This past week at our meeting, we became official- by making T shirts! I was my favorite meeting so far and we saved a ton of money by DIYing them instead of ordering them and now we all have our own unique shirts! Huge thanks goes out to ilovetocreate for their generous donation!

We had lots of awesome products from ilovetocreate for everyone to use! We had fabric paint, makers, spray paint, and Beads in a Bottle! Some seriously awesome stuff!

The only other things we needed were some plain white shirts and PIZZA, cause who doesn’t love pizza?

To make it easier for everyone I pre-cut our group’s logo out using an electronic die cutting machine.

I absolutely loved seeing the color combinations that each person picked!

I was so impressed by some people’s creativity and artistic ability!

It was a really fun night and we all made some rockin’ t shirts!

And at the end of the night, we all signed each other’s shirts! It was so much fun!

Next time you are in a club and considering ordering t shirts, you should totally DIY them! It makes for a lot of fun and products from ilovetocreate make it super simple!