12/31 | 20 Cute Christmas Snacks

Christmas is upon us and with it comes class parties, holiday parties, get-togethers with friends and neighbors. Whatever the occasion is, we’ve got the perfect snack. I’ve scoured the internet and found 20 cute Christmas snacks.  So much cutter then old fashioned cookies, these cute snacks will make you mom of the year. If you want to get compliments, just try make one of these festive treats

1. Pita Trees

2. Rudolph Cake Pop

3. Snowman Popcorn Cups

4. Ornament Cake Balls

5. Sana Strawberries

6. Snowman Bagels

7. Snowman Juice Boxes

8. Fruit Christmas Tree

9. Ice Cream Cone Christmas Tree

10. Grinch Fruit Kabobs

11. White Chocolate Chex Party Mix

12. Frozen Popcorn Snowballs

13. Olive Penguins

14. Christmas Tree Made of Fruit

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15. Rudolph Sandwiches

16. Hot Dog Baby Jesus in Pretzel Stable

17. Reindeer Chow

18. Rudolph Doughnuts

19. Cheese Ball Snowman

20. Baby Bell Santa Bellies