12/31 | For Your Mistle Toes Gift Idea

Hey Guys, so today I am so excited to be shareing a really fun gift idea with you. These little “For your Mistle Toes” gifts make great little gifts for friends, neighbors, teachers, anyone really! Its such a simple but cute way to just say that you were thinking of them and wanted to give them a little something!

I picked up some fusy Christmas socks and Red and Green nail polish to put in my gift. Other versions could include foot lotion, nail files, or toe separators. If it’s for your toes, it will work!   

Now you’ll want to make a cute little tag to go along with the gift! I just used some green card stock, a marker, and punched a hole with my hole puncher! I wrote “4 your Mistle Toes” on the tag. There are lots of printables online that you could print out and use too. 

Then I just placed the items in this cute little tin bucket that I found in the Dollar Spot at my local Target. I added the handmade tag with a ribbon, and Wahlaa! What girl wouldn’t love to get this little Christmas gift?? Who would you give your’s to?