12/31 | DIY Countdown ’til Christmas

How Many Days until Christmas? Is it Christmas yet? If these are questions are asked in your house on a daily basis, then today’s post is just for you! I’m sharing how to make a DIY Countdown ‘til Christmas using Scotch™ Dry Erase Tape. You’ll be able to easily update the number of days each morning!

For this tutorial you will need:

Scotch™ Dry Erase Tape

Scotch® Duct Tape in Cherry Red

Scotch® Expressions Washi Tapes

● piece of Cardboard

● pair of scissors

● marker

● a piece of paper

Start by lining up three pieces Scotch™ Dry Erase Tape on the center of your piece of cardboard.

Now you’ll want to cover the edges with Cherry Red duct tape and wrap it around onto the back.

Draw and cut out a Christmas tree shape out of the paper.

You’ll want to cover the cut out with the green washi tapes in a repeating pattern. Then trim off the excess.

Make a frame around it using the Candy Cane Stripes washi tape and add the Christmas tree that you made in the corner.

Now all you have to do is write “ __ Days until Christmas” on the board. And with a dry erase marker; you or your kids can update the number of day, each and every day! So fun!!

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