12/31 | DIY Winter Survival Kit

Are you ready for the winter? It always feels like the longest season. I live in Northeast Pennsylvania and it gets pretty chilly here. We have already had about six inches of snow and everyone is preparing for harsh Mr. Winter and mean old Jack Frost. I saw this adorable cartoon on Facebook the other day and thought it was so funny.

How true is this? Sadly, we all can’t have the luxury in living in California or Florida where its nice and warm all the time. This DIY Winter Survival Kit gift idea is the perfect little way to show your friends that you understand the pain they are going through and are with them through each and every snowfall. They will be very grateful for this little sentiment of warmth.

In my DIY Winter Survival Kit, I included hand warmers, fuzzy socks, and some candy canes. Gloves would also be a good option. 

And what is a DIY gift without a cute tag? I Just wiped up this little tag and added it to the little tin bucket that I picked up at the Dollar Spot at Target. You can make your tag as fancy or as simple as you wish.


That’s all there is to it! It is the perfect way to show you care. While it won’t make them like winter, the recipient will be prepared for the cold weather. Do hate winter or know someone that does? You should make this for them!