1/31 | Decorate Your Headphones


I love adding personal DIY touches to ordinary things. It makes everything a little more unique and special. I have had these plain headphones for a while now and they just looked so big, clunky, and plasticy. So this past weekend I decided to give them a little make over with Puffy Paint to Decorate Your Headphones and now I LOVE them so much more!

All you need to make your own is a pair of head phones and various colors of Puffy Paint.

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Choose some sort of pattern that you want to go with. I went with a multi colored polka dot triangle pattern. One tip for making Puffy Paint polka dot is to squeeze it before you go down on the surface and once you made a good dot, lift straight up. Also be sure to test it on a piece of scrap paper first.

Now just continue the pattern all the way around your headphones. Making your pattern consistent all the way around is kinda tricky, but if you keep looking at your beginning portion, you should be pretty good! To be honest it is a pretty long process, so pick a good show on Netlix and get crafty!

This was a really fun project and I am so glad I went for it! Isn’t it fun to update things you already own and add a little flare to them? With just a little Puffy Paint you can add a DIY touch to anything- phone cases, chargers, your hair brush, old clothing, and so much more! What will you Puffy Paint??