2/28 | Netflix is my Cardio DIY T Shirt

This shirt could not be more true. I saw a shirt like this online somewhere for like $40 and I really wanted it, because I am certainly a Netflix addict. But instead of buying it, I decided to make it myself! It was super easy! This is the perfect DIY project for anyone who prefers watching Netflix over working out! It’s a Netflix is my Cardio DIY T Shirt!
You will need:

a Large long sleeve gray T shirt
freezer paper
Tulip Soft Fabric Paint– Black
Tulip Foam Pouncer

Step 1: Cut out the Phrase “Netflix is my Cardio” out of the freezer paper making sure that the shine side is down. This is easiest if you have an electronic die cutting machine, but if not simply print the phrase out on the computer and use an exacto knife to cut it out. Place another piece of freezer paper inside of the shirt shiny side up, and Iron.

Step 2: Then using the pouncer, fill in the stencil with the black Tulip Fabric paint. Be careful not to use too much paint, or it might seep through.

Step 3: Remove the freezer paper stencil after it dries and revel your awesome new shirt!

This is the perfect shirt to wear for all of your Netflix marathons! Possibly one of my most useful DIY projects to date. I am currently watching New Girl- such a good show! What shows are you totally addicted to right now?