3/31 | Flameless Feather Luminary

This DIY project could not be any simpler. There are endless uses for mason jars, but this Flameless Feather Luminary has to be one of my favorites! I just think it is so elegant and pretty! Everything you need to make this Flameless Feather Luminary project can be bought at the dollar store for $3 total.

Supplies: a Mason jar, white feathers, battery operated tea light candle.

Start by filling the Mason jar with feathers. You want a good amount of them in there but not so many that the light can’t shine threw them. If you feathers are really long, I would recommend cutting them in half or just trimming them up a little.

Let there be light! You are going to want to place your candle in the lid of the mason Jar. If your On/Off switch is on the side then you can adhere it down to the lid with hot glue; if the switch is on the bottom though you won’t be able to do that. Either way is fine and it will work the same way!

And that is all there is to it! This flameless feather luminary will look great in your room, especially at night! Teen girls are always looking for little things to add to their room to make it look more sophisticated. I love how this looks on my night stand!