3/31 | DIY Pocket T Shirt

I have seen so many pocket t shirts in the stores and I want them all!! There are so many fun ones with different patterns. I have a lot of fabric and a bunch of old t shirts and with this tutorial I can turn them into awesome Pocket T Shirts without even needing to know how to sew! If you’re looking for a cool way to revamp that old t shirt that you were going to throw out, try this first! 
-a plain long sleeve black t shirt
  -snake skin printed vinyl felt (its a real thing, sold with the felt for 99 cents)
  -Tulip fabric marker
  -Aleene’s Fabric Fusion

Using the fabric maker, draw a pocket shape on the back side of the snake skin printed vinyl felt. You can use a template from the internet, or just freehand it! 

Cut out the pocket shape and use the straight edge of the scissors to make straight cuts! 
Adhere the faux pocket cutout to the shirt with Aleene’s Fabric Fusion. It may help to put the shirt on and adhere it while you are wearing the shirt. That way you will be able to make sure it is exactly where you want it to lay.

Be careful when taking the shirt off, and let it dry.

I Love how it turned out; but I especially love how stinking simple it was to make! A DIY Pocket T Shirt would make a great gift for any teen girl or boy, just switch out the fabric to fit their style!