5/31 | DIY Aztec Monogram Bulletin Board

**This post is sponsored by DecoArt. All opinions are 100% mine.

Combining trends is my favorite and one of the things like I love most about DIY. Today I am mixing 2 of the most popular trends, Aztec and Monograms, to create this fabulous DIY Aztec Monogram Bulletin Board.

It is easier than you would ever believe to obtain this fabulous and intricate aztec pattern. If you know me, you know that stencils are my top favorite craft supply and you can probably guess that I used a stencil on this project as well. When I saw this Aztec stencil for the first time my heart skipped a few beats. It is my favorite stencil in my collection and I put it to use in today’s project.

You will need:

a cork square, Americana Mixed Media Aztec Stencil, American Acrylic Paint (in Calypso Blue, Citron Green, and Lavender), a utility knife, and a stencil brush.

The first thing you will want to do is cut your initial out of the cork square using a utility knife. If you want, you could be really fancy and print out a letter off the computer in your favorite font, but I just freehanded this K and used straight lines.

Now it is time to paint! Place the stencil over the cork letter. If you think you need to secure it down, you can use packing tape or something like that. Using the stenciling brush, dab the paint on over the stencil. Try to avoid brushing because it may lead to paint seeping under the stencil and ruining your design. Alternate colors as you please!

It may take two coats since cork is very absorbent, but it will be totally worth it! I recommend hanging your one of a kind aztec monogram bulletin board on the wall with Command Strips. This same tutorial would work with any stencil design, so pick out your favorite pattern HERE and get crafting!