5/31 | DIY Painted Church Canvas with Social Artworking

Hey Guys! Recently my friend Kendell and I decided to take a Social Artworking painting class to create our Mammaws a little gift to hang up in their homes. You’re going to love this DIY Church Canvas tutorial. Even if you do not have a Social Artworking class in your area, you can paint the same thing from the comfort of your own home. Let me show you how we did it. I’m still shocked I was able to create such a fun canvas.

You will need a few different supplies, including Social Artworking paints. You obviously will not need the 64 oz. bottles, we just had this for everyone at the party. These paints are the best for canvases; they are not just your average acrylic paint.

Supplies : Assortment of Social Artworking Paints | Plate | 4 different size brushes | Cup of water | 16×20 inch canvas | Easel |Sharpie | Transfer Paper | Paper Towel

Note- While we did use Social Artworking products, this is not a Social Artworking design. Although, they have a large library of other awesome designs.

1. Paint the background a light yellow. Mix some white into the yellow to make it a calmer color.
2. Dip your paint brush into the light green and then into the darker green to create this green color.

3. Lay the tissue paper like transfer paper onto your canvas. This was pre-printed for the class, but you can purchase these from the Social Artworking website or create your own. Your choice! Check out Kendell’s mad tracing skills.

4. Start filling in the outline with paint. I painted the church white, the windows a light blue, and the door & cross brown.
5. Now paint the windows. We went for a stained glass effect which is very popular in churches. To create this look, just dab your paint onto the canvas. It’s just as easy as it sounds! Layer the different colors of paint on top of each other. I stuck with only 3 colors of paint for this.

Kendell was having a blast getting her paint on for her Mammaw! We painted for about three hours, give or take. It was SO worth it.

6. Trace your design with the black marker. At first you may be thinking this is hard. You just want to stick with it and take your time! Enjoy socializing with your friends. Tip : First outline with a small paint brush and then fill in after. I personally like that look.

Whatcha think? This was honestly our first Social Artworking class and we LOVED it. I highly recommend you checking Social Artworking out. You can become a consultant and earn revenue by hosting classes or just find a consultant to attend local parties!

Most importantly, our Mammaw’s LOVED them. They didn’t believe that we made them ourselves! It was totally worth it seeing how happy they were!

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