6/30 | DIY Lace Doily Bowl

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Hey everyone! Courtney is in Tennessee this week and we’re working on a LOT of fun DIYs that we cannot wait to share this summer. Today I’m going to share with you a fun DIY Lace Doily Bowl tutorial. 

It’s hard to believe that you can create your own decorative bowl from something like a lace doily! It’s a simple and fun way to do it and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

DIY Lace Doily Bowl

We hope you enjoy this DIY Lace Doily Bowl tutorial. They make fun craft projects for your own home or are great for gifts! I know my mom is going to love having one of these for holding her jewelry. They’re so pretty! 

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You can also often find these doilies at thrift stores or your local dollar store. They’re inexpensive and the whole project is so economical making these ideal crafts to make and sell or to give as gifts to your BFFs. No need to break the bank to have something that’s super cute and trendy. 













1. Pour Fabric Stiffener into a mixing bowl. You’ll need enough to soak right into the doily so it’s really wet. You’ll have to estimate for your first doily bowl but after that, it’s easy to figure out just how much you’ll need. 

2. Apply a few drops of Americana Acrylics paint to the fabric stiffener and stir. You can use any color you want! 

3. Saturate your doily and apply onto the bowl and let sit for 24 hours. You’re going to want to lay it over the bottom of the bowl to help form the rounded shape of the finished bowl. Once the doily and fabric stiffener dries, it will hold its shape and give you a beautiful decorative bowl you can use to display items in your home. 

4. After 24 hours, remove from the bowl from the doily carefully. Now you have a doily bowl perfect for holding small items like jewelry, wrapped candy, or small decorative items. 

Didn’t you guys love this lace craft idea? I think it turned out so cute and I love displaying them in my home! You can use any color paint you want to compliment any room or design. 

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Want to see the video tutorial? Check it out below!