6/30 | 12+ Beach Inspired DIY Projects

If you’re like me, you love the beach. Summertime equals beach time for sure. I thought I would round up some of my favorite Beach Inspired DIY Projects that could bring the beach back into your home. I love beach inspired DIY projects! They give off such a nautical vibe and mostly can incorporate some type of sand. Here is a DIY video we created for summer, which features two perfect beach inspired DIYs.

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1. DIY Wall Lamp

2. Seashell Earring

3. DIY American Flag Beach and Baseball Style 

4. Color Block Tote 

5. DIY SeaShell Earring Display

6. How To Make a Driftwood Seahorse 

7. DIY Anchor Wood Art

8. Towel Tote Bag

9. Make Flip Flops from scarfs 

10. DIY Starfish Canvases 

11. DIY Seashell Frame 

12. Sand Footprint Keepsake 

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