6/30 | DIY Serving Station #DIHProject

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Hey everyone! Today on the blog we have this awesome serving station DIY. Don’t let this intimidate you though. My favorite home improvement store, The Home Depot wants everyone to be a pro when it comes to DIY. That is why they believe so much in their Do-it-herself workshops. These are hands on and very interactive. Grab your best friend and head over to The Home Depot on the third Thursday of every month for a new DIY adventure. I’m going to show you how to make this DIY Serving Station which is one of the DIYs that they will be having a class on this month. Let’s jump into it.

Tools needed : Circular Saw | Level | Drill with driving bits | Safety Goggles | Tape Measure | Pencil | Gloves for staining | Stenciling Brush

Materials Needed :  A two-foot by two-foot, three-quarter-inch project panel |  A ten-foot long one-by-six pine board | A nailer and one-and-a-quarter inch nails | Wood glue | Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint | Mixwax Stain | Four 5/8 inch screws | A two-inch hook & eye kit | A five-foot jack chain and pliers | a two-pack of three-inch utility hinges | two three-inch corner braces

1. Using a circular saw, cut the one-by-six into two 18 3 ⁄4 inch pieces, two 22 1 ⁄2 inch pieces, one 171 ⁄4 inch piece, and one 10 7 ⁄8 inch piece. Then cut the project panel into a 2-foot by 18-inch rectangle.

2. Stain your wood with your Mixwax stain of choice. I went with a Chestnut wipe on cloths from Mixwax.

3. Next, create a box using the 22 1 ⁄2 inch pieces for the top and bottom and the 18 3 ⁄4 inch pieces for the sides. Check to make sure that the top and bottom pieces fit between the side pieces. Lastly, check that the outer measurements are 24 by 18 3 ⁄4 inches, then – being careful to keep the box square – glue and nail each corner together.

4. The next step is to attach the divider and shelf. Find the center of the box – 12 inches across the top and bottom – and insert the board measuring 17 ¼ inches. Glue it and nail it in place. Now, do the same with the 10 7 ⁄8 inch board, positioning it horizontally at the 9 3 ⁄8 inch mark. Again, secure it with wood glue and nails.

5. Now it’s time to attach the folding top. Stand the box upright, and butt the table top up against the bottom. From there, pull it back about an eighth of an inch, leaving just enough of a gap to then attach the two three-inch utility hinges.

6. Stretch one side of the chain upward. Make sure it’s nice and taught before attaching it to the inside of the box with another 5 ⁄8˝ screw. You may need to cut off some of the excess chain with your pliers. Repeat the process on the other side.

7. When the chain is securely fastened, it’s time to attach the hook & eye. Close the table top against the box, then screw the eye into the side of the table top, and screw the hook into the outside of the box. Measure carefully; you’ll want to make sure the hook and eye are close enough to latch.

8. Now take your monogram stencil and apply it to the middle of your piece. I let my wood sit for 24 hours before stenciling to let the stain set and dry. You may want to use Americana’s Stain Blocker/Sealer to assure no bleeding of the stain or paint.

9. Now take your Americana Decor Chalky Finish Paint in Everlasting and a foam pouncer to stencil in your monogram. You’re going to want to use the dry brush technique for this. Simply dap your foam pouncer into the paint and then wipe as much as you can off with a paper towel.

10. Once completely filled in, you may remove the stencil and let dry.

It is honestly easy. Follow this tutorial and you’ll be able to have it finished in no time!  I was really nervous taking on this project since I had very little experience working with tools and didn’t think I could do it. But, I was able to complete it in no time! I’m so happy with my new serving station. It will be a great addition to our home.


I really hope you enjoyed my spin on The Home Depot’s Do It Herself workshop project. If you want to gain confidence on building and creating simple projects, this class is for you! You will learn all kinds of skills, ask questions, meet new friends and enjoy yourself.