7/31 | 18 T-Shirt Projects

There are so many things that you can make out of plain old t shirts! You know those old ones that you can’t really wear out of the house anymore? Make these 18 T-Shirt Projects! With a little bit bit of craftiness you can turn them into something new and awesome! You can add some jazz so that you can still wear them or turn it into something completely new like a basket or a book cover! The possibilities are endless!

Check Out These Tumblr Inspired DIY Fashion Pieces!
[adthrive-in-post-video-player video-id=”OklUAkEt” upload-date=”2016-11-10T16:53:11.000Z” name=”Tumblr Inspired DIY Clothing” description=”Join Tanner & Courtney as they share with you DIY Tumblr Inspired Clothing! You’re going to love these two projects. You will not believe how inexpensive these are to create. Link to the free stencil below.”]

1. Melted Crayon Art Shirt 

2. DIY T Shirt Bowl 

3. DIY T Shirt Braided Bracelet
4. DIY Couple Anniversary Shirts 
5. DIY Lace Trimmed T Shirt 

6. DIY  T Shirt Fringe Scarf

7. DIY Bleach Design T Shirt
8. DIY Tie Dye T Shirt Canvases 
9. DIY Doily Cutout T Shirt 

10. T Shirt Quilt 

11. DIY Braided T-Shirt Rug 
12. DIY T Shirt Book Covers 
13. Small Cutout Design Shirt

14. DIY Lace Panel T Shirt 

15. DIY Pocket T Shirt 
16. DIY Sponge Stamp T Shirt 
17. DIY T Shirt turned Tank Top 
18. DIY Netflix is My Cardio Shirt