7/31 | DIY Rock Photo Display

I have already taken so many pictures this summer so I have been looking for different ways to display them. I made these really fun and different DIY rock photo displays. They are really easy to make and you’ll only need a few supplies!

Supplies: rocks | Americana Multi-Surface Paint in Deep Turquoise and Waterfront | paintbrush | wire | wire cutters | needle nose pliers  

Step 1: Paint all your rocks. I love the shades of blue that I choose for mine, but choose colors that go well in your room! With the Multi-Surface paint you’ll only need two coats even on darker rocks.

Step 2: One the rocks have dried, wrap them with the wire. You can go crazy and wrap it around lots of times or keep it simple with just a few wraps.

Step 3: Stop wrapping in the middle of the top of the rock and bend the wire so it sticks straight up. Using the wire cutters, cut it a little longer then your desired height. Then with the needle nose pliers, create a loop at the top to hold your pictures.

This is what they will all look like.
I love the way they look in my room. I also love the fact that I was able to make all three of them for less than one dollar worth of wire and rocks that I found in my backward. These DIY rock photo displays are a fun and inexpensive way to showcase your summer memories!