7/31 | DIY Giant Jenga Tutorial

I love outdoor games and what’s better than being able to DIY a game to play outside when you have guests over? Today on the blog I’m going to share with you just how to make this DIY Giant Jenga game. You’re going to love how foolproof this tutorial is. You’re really just repeating a lot of the same steps each time.

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I bet you’re already wondering how we’re going to makes this Jenga game look so awesome, right? We’re using Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil in Redwood. You’re going to love this new Timber Oil they’ve came out with. Plus it is going to seal your wood from the outdoor elements by protecting the wood from the inside out. Which means when you accidentally leave the game outside, the rain will not ruin it. How awesome is that?

1. You’re going to either need to head to the lumber yard or get out the saw. Because you’re going to want to cut 48 10 1/2 inch pieces of two by fours. I had a local guy cut all of these for me at our local home improvement store.

2. Once you’ve either cut your pieces to size or had them cut, you’re going to want to sand each one of them down. This is going to keep you from getting any splinters from the sides and make it glide a lot easier when you’re playing the game.

3. After each piece has been sanded, you’re going to want to take a piece of paper towel or an old rag and wipe off any potential dust left on the wood pieces before applying the Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil.

4. Now simply apply on your Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil in Redwood. You’re going too love how effortless this process is. Tip : Be sure to not add to much Timber Oil on your brush, try to only apply enough for the wood to absorb.

5. Repeat this on 48 pieces of your wood. This process is a very long, but fun to DIY! It takes time to hand stain each of them, but it pays once the project is complete.

6. Let your pieces lay out overnight to dry. I stored mine on the carport area and it seemed to work great! We put down some cardboard and it worked wonders.

My friends and I have so much fun playing with our new Jenga set! It is for sure the bomb and all your friends will love to come over and play a game of Jenga. I absolutely LOVE the way that the Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil looks. It is beyond easy to apply and leaves such a nice finish to your pieces of wood all while keeping it protected.

This post was sponsored by Thompson’s WaterSeal. Thank you for supporting our brand partners who make A Little Craft In Your Day possible!