8/31 | DecoArt Chalkboard Door Panels

One of my favorite products from DecoArt is their Chalkboard Paint, and it’s the perfect addition for any office or teen bedroom. Most doors have rectangular panels, which are the perfect sections to use as miniature chalkboards!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • DecoArt Chalkboard Paint
  • DecoArt Multi-Purpose Sealer
  • Foam brush
  • Painter’s tape

1. Use the painter’s tape to section off the door panels of your choice. I chose the two eye-level panels.

2. Using the foam brush, paint the door panels with the DecoArt Multi-Surface Sealer. I did two coats because the door I used has a particularly deep grain. Let dry overnight.

3. Using the foam brush (with the sealer washed off, of course!), paint the door panels with the DecoArt Chalkboard Paint. Depending on the thickness of the grain, you may need to do two or three coats. The panel on the left shows the quick, thin coat I put on because the wood sucked up a lot of the paint immediately. Immediately following this, I added more paint by dabbing it on, as shown on the left. Don’t worry about it being bumpy, we’ll smooth it out later! Be sure to let the panels dry completely for at least an hour in between.

4. After letting the panels dry for a few days, test for dryness and condition the surface by lightly rubbing it with chalk.

You can decorate the panels however you want! I got a set of 32 pieces of white and colored chalk from Target for $1.00. Now you have a perfect surface to use for organization, a calendar, or even just doodling!

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