8/31 | A Snack Worth Flipping Over

Raise your hand if you are active. Okay, raise your hand if you want to be active! I’m going to guess that by now everyone has raised their hand. I mean come on who wouldn’t want to be active. Chiobani makes it just a little bit easier for us by providing the energy we need! Cheer workouts can get intense! It is important that you enter the gym full of energy or you will probably end up flat on your face. Before heading off to cheer practice or a competition, Chiobani is a great snack. The NEW Chobani Simply 100 Mango Passion Fruit is a great way to fuel-up before a high-energy activity. The flavor is really worth flipping over. At the same time as being delicious, it is also packed with protein and fiber. It really has everything you could ask for in a pre-workout snack. 
Look what Chiobani provided the energy for! It provides energy for the entire routine and you’re able to keep it down as you flip around!

Shhh.. sometimes it becomes a pre AND post competition snack. It is just that yummy! If you have something going on after the competition that you need energy for- Chiobani will help you out! Chobani Simply 100® is the first, and only, 100-calorie authentic strained Greek Yogurt.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.