8/31 | DIY Outdoor Entertainment Table

Hey Everyone! Today I’m doing a much larger DIY project and teaching you how to make a DIY Outdoor Entertainment Table. This is going to make such a great impact for a little over $100 dollars. You cannot buy a table that is this large or as sturdy for this price. That’s why I am so excited to share it with you! We’re also using Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil to protect our wood so it can withstand the elements of the outdoors! I went over to The Home Depot and picked up all the needed supplies. (They even cut everything for me – score!)
Supplies: 3- 2x12x8 pieces of untreated wood | 9- 4×4 pieces of untreated wood | Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil in Redwood | 3inch screws | Drill | Paint Brush

The first thing we need to decide is how tall to make the table. I decided to make mine more like a bar table, but if you would like to be able to sit at it, just make your 4×4’s shorter. I believe we went with 3 1/2 feet, so ours is pretty tall. Once you’ve decided how tall you’d like your outdoor table, it’s time to make the legs that are going to support it and make it sturdy.

We drilled 3 screws on each side of our 4×4’s at an angle . See photo above for example. We found this was plenty of support for our table, however if you’re concerned that it is not enough, you’re welcome to add braces that can be found at your local home improvement store. Repeat this to all 3 of your leg supports.

Now start spacing out your leg supports to the length of your table top boards. You will want to measure and find the exact midpoint for the middle supporting legs.

Now that you’ve lined up your 2x12x8 pieces, you’re going to want to drill 2-3 screws through the 2x12x8 pieces into each side of the 4×4’s. Tip – it is best to assemble the table close to where you would like to put it. This is very heavy once it’s put together and you will need multiple people to help move it.

Now that you’ve drilled your screws in, you’ll want to sand down the table top and add some wood filler so the holes aren’t visible.

Now using a paint brush, paint your table with Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil in Redwood. I love this product! It is awesome and with Thompson’s WaterSeal, I know this table will be sealed and protected from the elements for years to come.

Let your Thompson’s WaterSeal Penetrating Timber Oil set overnight and you’re good to go! Add some bar stools or chairs and you’re ready for your next party!

This post was sponsored by Thompson’s WaterSeal. Thank you for supporting the brand partners that make A Little Craft In Your Day possible!